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Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come/Galactic Zoo

Artist: Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come (Wikipedia)

Country: United Kingdom
Album: Journey
Released: 1973
Formation: Arthur Brown (vocals), Andy Dalby (guitar & vocals), Phil Shutt (bass, percussion & vocals) e Victor Peraino (Mellotron, piano, sinthesizer, theremin, percussion & vocals).
Producer: Dennis Taylor
Discography: Galactic Zoo Dossier (1971), Kingdom Come (1972), Journey (1973)
Genre: Rock /Progressive Rock / Space Rock / Psychedelia
Label: Passport
Version: United States 
Side A: 01. Time Captives / 02. Triangles / 03. Gypsy
Side B: 01. Superficial Roadblocks (a. Lost Time – b. Superficial Roadblocks - c. Corpora Supercelestia) / 02. Conception / 03.Beginning Of  04. Spirit of Joy / 04. Come Alive


Country: United States 
Album: Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus  
Release year: 1970
Formation: Randy California (guitar and vocals, Ed Cassidy (drums), Jay Ferguson (percussion and vocal), Mark Andes (bass and vocals) e John Locke (keyboards).
Producer: David Briggs
Photos and Graphic art: Ira Cohen & Bruce McCauley
Art Director: Bruce McCauley &John Locke
Genre : Rock / Psychedelic
Label: Epic
Side A: 01. Prelude – Nothin’ to Hide / 02 Nature’s Way / 03. Animal Zoo / 04. Love Has Found a Way / 05. Why Can’t I Be Free / 06. Mr. Skin
Side B: 01. Space Child / 02. When I Touch You / 03. Street Worm / 04. Life Has Just Begun / 05. Morning Will Come / 06. Soldier 
Progressive Rock 
Allman Brothers 


Genre: Blues Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock
Track list:
1. Split - Part One 2. Split - Part Two 3. Split - Part Three
4. Split - Part Four 5. Cherry Red 6. A Year in the Life
7. Junkman 8. Ground Hog
Tony McPhee - vocals, guitar
Pete Cruickshank - bass
Ken Pustelnik - drums

Junkman | Groundhog 
Other Music by the Groundhogs

The Strawbs

Rocky Erikson / 13th Floor Elevators
Burn the Flames (theme to Return of the Living Dead) | I Think up Demons |

Rob Calvert  
Lucky Leif and the Longships Album;

British New Wave and Punk

Psychedelic Furs

The Clash

Hardcore, Grunge,Metal, Garage


Alternative, World Music, Ambient, Experimental

David Byrne, Brian Eno, Talking Heads
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts album ;

Regiment | Mea Culpa | America is Waiting| Help Me Somebody | The Jezebel Spirit | Very Very HungryThe Carrier | A Secret Life | Moonlight in Glory | Pitch to Voltage | Vocal Outtakes | Come with Us | Mountain of Needles | Two against Three | New Feet | Number 8 Mix | Defiant | With Tin Foil |
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Female Songwriters/Singers

Male Alternative and Fusion bands

Fun Loving Criminals; 

Ska Music

The Specials - Singles Collection