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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Phsychedelic gems & rarities

The Psychedelic music Era was responsible for spawning many irrepeatable and awe inspiring albums during it's existence.
Psychedelia though, is not just a movement and music genre from 50 years in the past; The psychedelic movement has in fact survived right up to the present day, due to an ever-present faction of people within the Psychedelic scene, and numerous Psychedelia bands who have maintained the movement's trajectory through time on a steady route, through constant promotion of the Genre. There have been so many Post-Psychedelic-Era Music albums released, that when you heard them, you were sure the sound was coming straight out of the P.A. of the Fillmore East in San Francisco, or some smoky bar with a band in haight ashbury in 1969, only to discover that it is really music from some new and unheard-of-before band of young musicians who have pulled it off with the sound (in both terms of the nostalgic sound recording production, and in terms of the authenticity of the 60's psychedelic sound inflected) to acheive a raw, authentic '60s trippy feel with a genuine

I personally have so many beloved albums in this category of music. I also have an extreme liking for many other musical styles from the same era (60's to 70's), such as acid rock, progressive rock etc. Below is a small selection of some of my personal favourites in the Psychedelic Genre
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is One of my all time favourite albums, and one which i find has no likeness to any other band's music, nor is there another album to be found anywhere that can be said to be similar.
1968 debut album
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is the name of both the album, and the Band.
The album was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Produced by Pete Townshend on Track Records,.
The first single off the album, - Fire, was an instant smash hit ."I Put a Spell on You" was a sinister sounding remake of Screamin' Jay hawkins' classic soul/bvlues/r&b masterpiece. The band included Vincent Crane on Hammond organ, Drachen Theaker on drums, and Nick Greenwood on bass. Crane and Greenwood left to start Atomic Rooster, while Drachen Theaker was replaced temporarily by Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) during Arthur Brown's second tour of tyhe United States.

About Arthur Brown

Claimed by some people to have a four-octave vocal range, Arthur started out on his musical trajectory part time in a R&B Soul & Ska group called The Ramong . This band later went on to become successful as "The Foundations", by which time Arthur had left to form his own lineup.
He was renowned fo outlandish behaviour which went as far as to permeate his performances too.
For example the case where he had a mishap with the famous burning helmet he wore on stage, and set his head on fire! two bystanders extinguished the blaze of his head with their beers (they poured their glasses over Arthur's head)! Arthur Brown was sometimes inclined to disrobe and appear naked on stage by some performances - onje of these, in Italy, ended up with Arthur being arrested for indecent exposure.
Arthur Brown was a fervent follower of the teachings of Gurdjeff

Tracks on the Album;

Prelude-Nightmare, Fanfare-Fire Poem, Come and Buy, Time, Confusion, I Put a Spell on You, Spontaneous Apple Creation, Rest Cure, Money, Child of my Kingdom.
MP3 Download;

All Living Fear Arthur Brown
Austin Chronicle, British Rock Festivals Cosmic
Natch Curly's Airships

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Nightmare - 1968

This song from 1968 is pure psychedelic sound at it's most classic.Don't you just love the way Arthur shakes his head the way people did when dancing to Psychedelia and Beatnik music in the 60's? - Its so Hip and Groovy it is so Far Out :)

Fire - Arthur Brown

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