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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs are for me a symbol of the time of my life in the Post-Punk New-Wave Era that occured in the early Eighties.These guys are unrepeatable in sound and style, and have become a classic part of 80's New Wave Musical History.
The album which impressed me more than any was "Forever Now", for the fact that it is perhaps the best compilation of songs i could have put together, every single song is of the essence, there are no dead rabbits there when it comes to filling the album up somnehow and getting the product out there.
The Nostalgia which arises when one who has lived his or her youth in thie Era when the Psychedelic Furs were ringing in the ears of all the New Wave rockers and "ageing Punks". This band is an Original, and cannot be imitated ever. The Psychedelic Furs have entered the Annals of History and left an impeccable list of musical accomplishments behind them to date.

Album Synopsis; Forever Now;

* The Psychedelic Furs (1980) Columbia (U.S. #140) (U.K. #18)
* Talk Talk Talk (1981) Columbia (U.S. #89) (U.K. #30)
* Forever Now (1982) Columbia (U.S. #44) (U.K. #20)
* Mirror Moves (1984) Columbia (U.S. #43) (U.K. #15)
* Midnight to Midnight (1987) Columbia (U.S. #29) (U.K. #12)
* All of This and Nothing (compilation, 1988) Columbia (U.S. #102)
* Book of Days (1989) Columbia (U.S. #138)
* World Outside (1991) Columbia (U.S. #140)
* Here Came The Psychedelic Furs: B Sides and Lost Grooves (compilation, 1994) Sony
* In the Pink (compilation, 1996) Sony Special Products
* Should God Forget: A Retrospective (compilation, 1997) Sony
* Radio 1 Sessions (1999) Strange Fruit
* The Psychedelic Furs: Greatest Hits (compilation, 2001) Sony
* Beautiful Chaos: Greatest Hits Live (2001) Sony
* Superhits (compilation) (2003) Sony

The synopsis below is by my colleague and co-editor/author; Norias Benedikt;

The Psychedelic Furs - Forever Now. Previous to listening to this record, i was never really into the new wave movement as much as i became after this moment. The Post Punk depression had left me somehow paralysed and unintoxicated with the state of the Music scene..The Psychedelic Furs (along with, i admit, other bands such as Joy Division and "Magazine") Their style of music owes a bit to David Bowie i feel (But then again, who doesn't?), the Album's sound and production quality and techniques let this album sound like it could have been released yesterday.

The Psychedelic Furs are definitely a Post-Punk New Wave Rock Phenomenon, but the variety of vocal interplay with the dazzling synth sound on the guitars are what makes this band such an institution of the New Wave Era
The metallic sound of the vocals are what make the songs stand out. The shining synths, the chugging bass, the little bell melodies, The brilliant drumming, the occasional use of cello(?) and most of all the surprisingly (still) relevant lyrics.

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