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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bodyslam and Clash - the best of Thai Rock Music

Bodyslam and Clash - music for the Modern Day Thai youth;
Bodyslam are an amazing Thai Rock group with a massive following in Thailand - their live presence is overwhelming. The lead singer, is also pretty much a hunk and is extremely popular with the girls. He is also a relative of Thai Puea Cheewith Lead singer of the group Carabao, and in one concert even sang together, despite the muscal difference between Bodyslam and Carabao.
I would like to present you with a taste of their music

Bodyslam Save My Life Concert - อกหัก Ok Hak

Kwam Chuea - featuring Ed from Carabao

Bodyslam - ยิ่งรู้ยิ่งไม่เข้าใจ Ying Mai Roo Ying Mai Khao Jai

Bodyslam - คราม (Full Version)

Clash are another mega popular rock band in Thailand, whose lead singer is also extremely popular with the ladies for his good looks and sweet melancholic sounding voice. His "Mexican" look with ahip hop dress flavour has influenced Thai fashion to an extreme extent.
Music by Clash is more slow and sad sounding with many Ballads. The odd Hip Hop and rocky song is also present interspersed.

ขอเจ็บแทน แคลซ clash - Khor Jeb Taen

This music karaoke video has english subs and translation too so you can understand and sing along with them!)

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