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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pot Head Pixies

What are Pot Head Pixies? you might ask; If you don't know who the Pot head Pixies are, then you have never heard of the Gong Band, nor of Daevid Allen, or the Planet Gong. If tyhis is the case, then it is a great shame, for this means you have missed one of the greatest alternative psychedelic jazz glissando phenomena this world has ever seen. Storytelling genius is what you can call the anthology of albums by Daevid Allens Planet Gong. The story of the Pot head Pixies and the Planet Gong is both an amazing Fantasy journey, as well as a Social satire and spiritual guide to astral travel. Ecology is also of course and underlying issue within the Myths of the Green planet Gong. The Pot Head Pixies, who are the inhabitants of the planet Gong, are green pointy headed "Piskies" (Allen)
, who never die, rather enter into a cone shaped being called an octave doctor when they are old, and then exit rejuvenated again. The PHPs (abbreviation for Pot Head Pixie, not a web code language) fly around in vehicles called "Flying Teapots" (allusion to flying saucers).

Planet Gong  The History And The Mystery Of Planet Gong Good Morning Gong Dreaming 2: The Histories & Mysteries Of Gong From 1969-1979 (v. 2)

The most famous of all the productions made by this group of friends and relations who we call Gong, is of course the Planet Gong trilogy of three albums all dedicated to telling us the story of Zero the hero and his adventure with the inhabitants of the green planet; Gong. These three albums are called, respectively; Radio Gnome Invisible (flying teapot), Angels Egg, and You.

Daevid Allen has also made a host of albums and rock poetry as solo projects.

Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life Daevid Allen's University of Errors: Plays The Soft Machine Stroking the Tail of the Bird Daevid Allen and the Glissando Orchestra

His ex wife, who was a singer with the original line up, also made some albums, under the name "Mother Gong" She made her name using the Planet Gong character "Shakti Yoni"as her pseudonym, and making some absolutely heavenly rapturous noises which became her trademark, known as "Spacewhispers". She started as she was in Paris and began to make poetry with the band "Soft Machine" which was the creation of her later to be husband, and creator of Gong, Daevid Allen. The album "Mother" was perhaps Gilli's most enchanting album.
Taliesin - Mother (Gilli Smyth)
The Best of Mother Gong Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Pataphisical Freak Out MU!! [Audio CD] MotherMagick Brother

Mother Gong toured internationally in 1979-1981 and 1989-1991, either headlining or supporting such artists as Bob Dylan and Big Brother and the Holding Company. Smyth appeared as a solo performer and lecturer at the Starwood Festival in 1992 and 1993. She has also done voice-overs for commercials, taped children's books and other books and poetry, given workshops on voice projection and voice as a confidence raiser, and has performed for many women's groups. (wikipedia)
Short Tales and Tall Every Witches Way Volumes One & Two Third

Gong band are by no means over, they have now Released a New Album for 2010 called "2032" and are going on U.K. tour.

Gong - Master Builder

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