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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chambaò - Pokito a Poko"

นี้คือเพลงของวงเสปน ที่โด่งดังมากในวงการ Flamenco และ Rumbaนะคับ ลองฟังนะคับ ว่าเพราาาาาาะ มักมาก
หากว่าชอบก็มี ให้โหลดฟรีอยู่แล้ว ข้างล่าง นะคับ อย่าลืม ถ้าชอบเพลงก็ไปซื้อของแท้ ส่งเสริม ศอลปินนะครับ ว่าเค้าต้องเลี้ยง คุณพ่อคุณแม่เหมือนทุกๆคนนะคับ

This is Spanish flamenco pop rhumba band Chambaò . just listen to the smooth vocal and rythms with typical rapid staccato verses of lyrics softly caressing your ears .

This song is the Single release from the Album of the same name "Pokito a Poko"
This is Super-Melodic Latin music with a hint of Flamenco in it's soul.
Track Listings
1. Mi Primo Juan 2. Pokito A Poko 3. Ulere4. Camino Interior 5. Roe Por La Escalera 6. Dibujo En El Aire 7. Como La Luz 8. Sueno Y Muero 9. Como Lo Siento 10. Chicuelo 11. Te La Creio Tu

Download "Chambaò - Pokito a Poko" - Descarga Gratis - โหลดฟรี เพลง "Chambaò - Pokito a Poko"

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"The best Spain has to offer", February 15, 2008By; Gary A. Hall "robopoet" (Ft. Myers, FL United States) In my opinion, Europe has gotten way ahead of us in the development of original musical styles & ideas. Spain in particular has some great bands, especially under the stylistic banner of Nuevo Flamenco. Chambao is one of the finest.
This is simply a stunning piece of work. Although I often see Chambao classified as Flamenco Chill, this album defies easy categorization. In addition to traditional instruments like acoustic guitar, you'll find flute, oud and other instruments not generally associated with flamenco, all tied to together by La Mari's vocals & lyrics.
This album is very melodic and consequently much more accessible than, say, Ojo de Brujo's Techari, which is also a masterful album but can be hard to follow at times.
As of this writing, Con Otro Aire is at Number 8 on the album charts in Spain and the single, Papeles Mojados is at Number One!
Forget that you don't speak Spanish - buy this album!!!
(Gary A. Hall)

Spectacular! I have been playing this CD over and over again, always hearing new things and changing my mind on which song is my favorite.
(Brian J. Giguere)