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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Taste of Thai Musical Culture and Youth Movements

Thailand's musical scene is extremely varied, and to use the word extremely again, extremely different tou that of the western world, in terms of what values certain factions of the youth culture hold in relation to the music they listen to.

The clip below is a home made clip by three young Thai kids having fun making a music video to the song by Top Ranking Thai Hard-Soft Rock/Rap band (yeah i know, radically crossover!)The kids who made it are the ones who appear in it. I think that if you observe the movements and "cool gestures" they make you will see how they take a western gesture and convert it into a different expression.
The Song is Called "Yim Khao Wai" and is about not worrying because you just do your own head inand explains that you are carrying a weight for nothing...
There is another song with the same meaning later in theis post by "Labanoon"

Watch The original music video - Clash; Yim Khao Wai

Here is a selection of some of the best bands from various Genres;

Retrospect เพราะว่ารัก, ปล่อยฉัน Live - Hardcore


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