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Monday, November 10, 2008

Echoes: Pink Floyd to 2001 a Space Oddyssey

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Pink Floyd
play "Echoes" to the visuals of the movie 2001 a Space Oddyssey

Drift away with the music of the spheres plucked straight from the heavens in a Cosmic Embrace of Machine made Harmonies and Celestial sounds. A Musical work of Genius by the Masters themselves!
Echoing our reflections ... Pink Floyd is here to revive you in your apathy of non-splendour that is resiliently and reluctantly resisting the wishes of the listening mind to voyage into those realms that Pink Floyd, of all hypothetical musical vehicles of inter-dimensional travel know better than anyone to lead you to.
The track, Echoes is here presented with a wonderful visual experience applied as video taken from the movie "2001 a Space Oddyssey".

The Movie "2001 Space Oddyssey", is a science fiction film directed in 1968 by Stanley Kubrick.
written by StanleyKubrick and author of the bestseling Science Fiction Novel, Arthur C. Clarke.
The film intends to confront various elements of human evolution, along with the topics of technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life on other worlds and in space itself.

The film is highly acclaimed for its scientific realism, responsible for having pioneered in the are of special movie effects, 2001 a Space Odyssey's ambiguous and often surreal imagery,and minimal use of dialogue, stand out as the main attraction of this movie instead of the normal use of traditional narrative techniques.

Below which is a well earned tribute from the band to Syd Barret - who was perhaps the whole inspirational genius behind the Pink Floyd in the beginning, until his unfortunate journey into a separate reality from this one, where only Syd knows what the score is.
Syd Barret joined Pink Floyd in 1965 but left three years later after one album. He went on to live as a recluse, with his mental deterioration blamed on drugs. He died very peacefully in 2006.
see; Aftermath news
Syd Barret is one of the Legends of British, and in fact International Psychedelic movements, and an Icon of the Genre. I quote from the book by Mick Rock "Psychedelic Renegades, with photos of Syd Barret";
When he passed permanently into the next dimension in 2006, Syd Barrett s life had developed into something far more significant than he could ever have imagined. The man who turned his back on probable fame, fortune and the entire rock music scene over thirty years ago had become an involuntary legend. Was he a genius or just a madman? The definitive answer to this question will never be known. But Psychedelic Renegades goes a long way towards unraveling the enigma that was Syd s personality. Mick Rock s extraordinary images and frank text expose a man with enormous natural charisma, whose moods could be dark and brooding as well as buoyant with madcap laughter. Mick shared a friendship with Syd that began in the acid haze of the sixties and endured until the early seventies when Syd locked himself away. This superbly produced book covers the period 1969-71, and features the photo session in and around Syd's London flat that produced the cover for his first solo album, The Madcap Laughs; it also features images Mick shot for the now famous Rolling Stone interview in 1971, which became the last photos Syd ever posed for.

A Tribute to Syd Barret - "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

The song Cymbalinewas used in the Movie "More", for which Pink Floyd did the soundtrack for - Syd Barrett's Influence is completely evident.

Cymbaline in the scene from the Movie

Pictures of Syd


Whilst still on this post that presents more unconventional topics, i would like to move onwards to the double cd "Live in Gdansk" - this album is not so generally listened to onr known, and therefore is one of the least boring because of its lesser exposure. many albums have been simply overplayed by the media, which is a shame, as they Pink Floyd produce only, and exclusively, masterpieces of musical flavour on an Operatic scale.

Catch the 2-CD full live concert David played at the Gdansk, Poland shipyards. Includes Pink Floyd favorites "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Breathe." Also featured on the first bonus DVD highlights from the concert as well as a documentary on Poland's Solidarity Movement. The second DVD contains 11 bonus tracks (previously unreleased) including Barn Jams sessions and a 5.1 Surround Sound mix from On An Island.

Audio CD (September 23, 2008) Original Release Date: September 23, 2008
Number of Discs: 4, Format: Live, Label: Sony ASIN: B001BKG9SK

Track List
Disc One
1. Speak to Me - David Gilmour, Mason, Nick
2. Breathe (In the Air)
3. Time
4. Breathe (In the Air) (Reprise)
5. Castellorizon
6. On an Island
7. The Blue
8. Red Sky at Night
9. This Heaven
10. Then I Close My Eyes

Disc Two
1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
2. Astronomy Domine - David Gilmour, Barrett, Syd
3. Fat Old Sun
4. High Hopes
5. Echoes
6. Wish You Were Here
7. A Great Day for Freedom
8. Comfortably Numb

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