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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Extremoduro - Spanish Flamenco Punk!

This is almost the complete discography of Extremoduro's LPs
Extremoduro are a Rock/FlamencoPunk group of cult status in Spain.
I shall return to add constantly to the album covers, track lists, and download possibilities,
so please return once every week or so to check for updates to this page.

Album Discography;

1991 - Extremoduro - Somos unos animales

Track List;
01 Tu Corazon. 02 La canción de los oficios 03 Quemando tus recuerdos
04 V centenario 05 J D La Central Nuclear 06 Ni principes ni princesas
07 Perro Callejero 08 Desidia 09 Resolucion 10 Necesito droga y amor

1992 - Extremoduro - Deltoya

Track List;

"Del Toya" - Extremoduro Video Clip

Extremoduro Donde estan mis amigos

1993 - Extremoduro - Donde estan mis amigos

Track List;

Rock Transgresivo

1994 - Extremoduro - Rock Transgresivo

Track List;

1995 - Extremoduro - Pedrá

1996 - Extremoduro - Agila
1997 - Extremoduro - Iros Todos a Tomar Por Culo
1998 - Extremoduro - Canciones Prohibidas
2001 - Extremoduro - Estrechinato y tu
2002 - Extremoduro - Yo, minoria absoluta
Extremoduro - Maquetas 90
Extremoduro - Directo en las Ventas
there are also image files for the album covers of each album and metatags are filled in for media player to display media info

Necesito droga y amor (los camellos no me fian) extremoduro

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