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Friday, July 11, 2008

Satiarn Tam Meur - Look Tung Puea Cheewith Thai

Sataiarn Tam Muer เสถียร ทำมือ is one of Thailand's finest folk/country singers.
Whether his music should be classified as "Look Tung", or "Puea Cheewith", is questionable, but i tend to lean towards classing it more as Look Tung. The term Look Tung (ลูกทุ่ง), literally translated, means "Son of the field". This indicates that Look Tung music shares an intimacy with rural life and values, it's problems, love stories (both happy, and tragic, mostly tragic) and way of life. ภาพล่าง ; เสถียร ทำมือ - เสถียร ทำมือ ชุด 3 ฝากใจกับเดือนจาง
The sweet sorrowful sound of his voice is a harmonic stream of emotion. Both followers of Look Tung, and Pueacheewith music listen to Satiarn avidly. Satiarn, along with maybe Tai Tanawut, have contributed to making Thai Looktung music popular again with the younger generation, taking the looktung sound and giving it a freshening up with modern topics and a more up to date presentation as far as music video and costume is concerned.
The music is essentially looktung, but the clothing worn and the style of life projected is more Pueacheewith. To tell the truth, Pueacheewith and Looktung are both similar in the sense that they both profess a simple, country lifestyle. You can see Satiarn in action in the videoclips i have inserted, there are 4 songs to download and test (mp3 downloads)

ฝากใจกับเดือนจาง - เสถียร์ ทำมือ - Fak Jai gab Duean Jaang

DOWNLOAD MP3 NOW. โหลดเพลงเสถียร ทดลอง . mp3
Gamlang Jai Tee Ter Mai Roo
gamlang jai tee ter mai roo - Satiarn Tam Muer.mp3 4.18 MB เสถียร ทำมือ- กำลังใจที่เธอไม่รู.

Doey Sarn Maa Gab Gamlang Jai
โดยสารมากับกำลังใจ เสถียร ทำมือ 3.98 MB Doey sarn maa gab gamlang jai MP3

ยังเหมือนเดิม เสถียร ทำมือ Yang Hmuean Derm - Satiarn Tam Mer

เจ็บเมื่อไรก็โทรมา เสถียร ทำมือ jeb Muarai gor toe maa

Satiarn Supagul (Satiarn Tam Muer)

Born in Baan Grasang, Ampher Huay Tab Tan, in Sree Sagaes Province (Sri Saget, Isan Country, N.E. Thailand). He finished Primary School at Grasang Primary school. Secondary school was completed at Gampaeng shool in Ampher Utumpornpisay, also in Sree Sagaes. He attained his batchelor of Arts degree in the Musical section of the Arts facility of the Ratchapat University in Ubon Ratchatani.
Satiarn also produces other Artists and is the man behind many top Look Tung productions in the Grammy company.
Enjoy "Gamlang Jai Tee Ter Mai Roo" video
กำลังใจที่เธอไม่รู้ เสถียร ทำมือ

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