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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bird Tongchay - A Living Thai Musical Institution!

Bird Tongchay (บิร์ดธงชัย) is one of Thailand's Immortal stars when it comes to Musical Entertainment. Covering a wide range of musical styles, Bird has developed and adapted throughout his long career, applying both his adept voice, dance techniques, and showmanship to amalgamate his undeniable attainment of standing at the summit of a musical career that is second to no one in Thailand.
His genius and mastery of all the various musical styles coupled with the use of traditional, regional and modern dance techniques has catapulted Bird Tongchay on a career trajectory that has left him far far ahead of any other living musician/performer in Thailand, if only to consider his incredible adaptability. Bird is the epitomy of the word "Multitalented" with the additional blessing of having an extremely affectionate public manner. His public relations are impeccable. When a Royal gala Concert or performance is on, Bird is normally present an entertainer. Many perople unofficially count him as the Royal songsmith, which is of course, not official, but it is very well known that Bird is extremely popular in the Royal Family, and often are they to be seen attending his concerts. Just watch the two videos below for great showmanship; the first one is from his Faen ja tour which he produced double cd live albums from from each of the four main regions of Thailand.

The list of songs performed (and even the lyrics for some songs that were played in all regions) in each region were adapted to have meaning and a point of familiarity for the local audiences to connect easily with the music (not that it is necessary considering Bird's status)- this is a touch of genius on Bird's behalf. It's not that he needs to attract the audience, he already has them anyway, but he wishes to give the most complete and professional performance that he can render, and includes any subtlety to the show which he thinks may increase the enjoyment of the audience. Bird never stops, he is a workaholic and has inspired so many performers in Thailand with his versatility of styles.
แฟนจ๋า Faen Ja - Bird Tongchay

This post will have to be added to over weeks, as i shall be trying to document his career and discography, along with of course the odd mp3 sample (don't forget to support artists by purchasing their albums too, i believe it is nice if you can hear a free sample to know what youare buying, but if nobody bought the music, there would be no product).
I shall also be including of course the odd video clip from you tube to watch his danceing and showmanship - the costumes are also extremely varied from album to album, from show to show.
Bird Tongchay - "Gor Dee" บิร์ดธงชัย - ก็ดี Tongchay Village album

download bird tongchay "gor dee" mp3 sample now
ดาวน์โหลดเพลง ก็ดี บิร์ดธงชัย
Download Bird Tongchay - Koo Tae.mp3 - บิร์ดธงชัย คู่แท้ mp3
coming soon....

coming soon....
Bird Thongchai - Kun mark ra tuek jai / ขันหมากระทึกใจ

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