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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Max Romeo - I Chase the Devil

Max Romeo was one of the major Reggae Successes of the 70s and early 80s .

Maybe the most famous of all his hits was "I Chase the Devil", more commonly known as "Iron Shirt". This song was a single release from the Album "War ina Babylon".
"Im gonna put on an iron shirt, and chase the Devil out of Earth!" was the lyric buzzing in people's heads in This album also Spawned the All-Time-Classic Reggae hit; "One Step Forward"

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Max Romeo Live - I Chase the Devil

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Listen to the original studio version

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00-max_romeo-best_of_(retail_cd)-2008-r2r.m3u 602 Bytes
00-max_romeo-best_of_(retail_cd)-2008-r2r.nfo 12.6 KB
00-max_romeo-best_of_(retail_cd)-2008-r2r.sfv 762 Bytes
01-max_romeo-one_step_forward-r2r.mp3 4.7 MB
02-max_romeo-three_blind_mice-r2r.mp3 3.3 MB
03-max_romeo-bearded_come_feast-r2r.mp3 4.8 MB
04-max_romeo-chase_the_devil-r2r.mp3 4.2 MB
05-max_romeo-let_the_power_fall-r2r.mp3 3.8 MB
06-max_romeo-macabee_version-r2r.mp3 3.2 MB
07-max_romeo-melt_away-r2r.mp3 2.8 MB
08-max_romeo-my_jamaica_collie-r2r.mp3 4.7 MB
09-max_romeo-nobody_child-r2r.mp3 3.6 MB
10-max_romeo-tell_jah_say-r2r.mp3 4.3 MB
11-max_romeo-uptown_babies-r2r.mp3 5 MB
12-max_romeo-war_inna_babylon-r2r.mp3 5 MB
13-max_romeo-we_love_jamaica-r2r.mp3 3.7 MB
14-max_romeo-wet_dream-r2r.mp3 4.4 MB
15-max_romeo-bun_dem_up_(babylon_burning)-r2r.mp3 5.1 MB
16-max_romeo-a_little_time_for_jah-r2r.mp3 4.9 MB 122 Bytes

67.53 MB in 20 files
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